Welcome To Madinal Social Services

Madinah Social Service is an NGO, working to ensure access to proper health care delivery system of the poor Malawians. 

Our Clinics

Madinah Social Services is currently having eight clinics in different parts of Malawi.

Who We Are

Madinah Social Services is a Non Profit Organisation that works to ensure access to proper health care delivery system of the poor Malawians. We provide healthcare that is of good quality and free of charge to the most impoverished in Malawi in whatever location they are.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to hire qualified health professionals, provide medication of the best quality and free services in the rural areas, with easy access for patients and consistent reliability. We aim to provide a good experience for all.

Our Clinics

Somba Clinic

Opened its doors to people in 2010, it is located about 90km south west of Mangochi town, along Bakili Muluzi Highway. Operates statically with a catchment area of Nangapoche, Malundani and Nselema areas.

Katema Clinic

Launched in 2010, and located about 30 km west of Mangochi town. 1800 patients are attended to monthly. It has qualified medical personnel and support staff to operations.

Makanjira Clinic

It was launched in 2006. Located about 96 km north east of Mangochi town, the clinic operates mobile services in six villages of Namalweso (base), Mambo, Nkwanda, Malamia, Jumbe and Lukoloma.

Latest News & Updates

Construction Of Katema Clinic

Land was identified for MSS to construct a new clinic at Katema in Mangochi, which will replace the current rented structure. Documentation on lease is the last part remaining prior to construction of the clinic there. The new structure will have a capacity of...

Construction Of Makanjira Maternity Wing

Payment was made to Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) to install power at MSS- Makanjira clinic complex. All equipment required for electrification were delivered. MSS awaits the power provider to finalise installation of equipment so that construction...

Upcoming Event

Madinah social Services (MSS) with support from our donors organized staff day to be held at Sun n Sand Holiday resort in Mangochi on 4th August. All MSS Mangochi clinics staff members will attend the event. This will provide an interactive platform for all staff...